Photographic contest 2016/2017

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Photographic contest 2016/2017


The winner of the summer edition is Sylvia Leoni, a student of Università degli Studi di Torino (Italy) who's been doing her Erasmus+ exchange at the Faculty ofof Humanities (psychology). The selected photo is here


The winner of the winter edition is LIN Yi, a student of Guangdong University of Foreign Studies (China) who's been doing his Erasmus+ exchange at the Faculty of Economics and Management. The selected photo is here

Photographic contest ‘ERASMUS plus ME”

Have you come to Szczecin for Erasmus+ exchange and  want to share your experience?

Take part in our photo contest for international exchange students who have been studied at the University of Szczecin in 2016/2017 academic year.

We are looking for pictures showing in the most unconventional way what it means to be Erasmus student.

There is, of course, a prize for the winner but also an opportunity to help us promote Erasmus+ exchange among Polish and foreign students.

Read attached Rules and Regulations and submit your photos

from today to 15th January 2017 (if you’ve come for winter semester only)

or to 10th of June 2017 (if you are staying until the end of the summer semester).

If you wonder about legislation mentioned in the Rules and Regulations, here you can read more about:

·         copyright and related rights

·         personal data protection

We're waiting for your photos!



Pobierz plik (participants declaration.pdf)participants declaration.pdf[ ]218 Kb
Pobierz plik (rules and regulations.pdf)rules and regulations.pdf[ ]560 Kb


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